Final Assignment: Chasing Autographs

The Flash

On this page is my collection of autographs from "The Batman" TV series of 1990 1991.

John Wesley Shipp

John Wesley Shipp is pictured here as his most famous role of Barry Allen/The Flash from the TV show "The Flash" which ran from 1990 to 1991. In 2014 John will be in the new "Flash" TV series as Henry Allen the father of Barry Allen/The Flash.

I got to meet John at the Hollywood Collectors Show in Hollywood, Ca.

Grant Gustin

Grant Gustin stars as 'Barry Allen/Flash' in the hit TV show "The Flash". He first played 'Barry Allen' on the TV show "Arrow" and will also appear as the same charactor on "Legends of Tomorrow" out in 2016.

Grant's autograph is the first one that I have gotten though the mail, in fact he is the first celeb that I have written to for an autograph. I'm hoping that its not beginers. I have always thought about writing to celebrities for thier autograph, I guess I just never had to patience before.

Candice Patton

Candice Patton is an actress best known for her role of 'Iris West' in the CW's "The Flash".

I got Candice's autograph through the mail. I sent her letter along with a photo requesting an autograph. She signed and personalized the photo I sent and she included a second photo also personalized.

Danielle Panabaker

Danielle Panabaker is currently playing 'Caitlin Snow' in the hit CW show "The Flash". She also was in "Sky High", a movie about kids of super heroes.

I got to meet Danielle and get her autograph and a photo op at the May 2015 Phoenix Comic-con.